If you are creating a website, you should make sure that it is mobile friendly because the number of people who are accessing the internet through their smart mobile devices has been increasing over the years. Tips for making your site mobile friendly are:

Do not Use Flash

Most people make the mistake of using Flash in their website without knowing that it negatively affects their SEO. Flash is not supported by iOS and Android operating systems, and it has been found to slow down the load time of the page. The more time it takes for your page t load, the higher chances that people will leave and go to another site that is faster.

Turn off Auto Correct

You cannot wish away the readiness of the world to go to mobile and how people want to have things done conveniently. They get irritated when they start filling forms such as contact forms and they keep getting autocorrected so that they are forced to keep deleting. If this happens, they will get turned off and go to other sites.

Compress Photos and Videos

If you want your page to load faster, you should ensure that the photos and videos that you use are compressed for the web. Otherwise, they will be too heavy and it will make your page almost impossible to load. If your website takes more than five seconds to load, you will get a very high bounce rate.

Use Big Fonts

Mobile devices come with small screens, so it gets even more difficult to read if the font is small. During the page design, you should make the font size big enough so that it can be read by people with small screens. Nobody wants to strain and struggle to access your content. If you are not sure how to go about it, you should consider working with a web designer.